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When you plug in a SIP phone, it contacts its defined configuration server (either Polycom or Yealink). The manufacturer site in turn redirects the phone to provisioning and media servers on the domain where it is managed.

Allow communications to the following domains and ports listed below. Pin-holes must be preserved on a per-session basis for the outbound ports on

Domain Inbound Ports Outbound Ports Purpose
*, *.*   25 TCP Optional. For fax-to-email service.
    80, 443 TCP  
    5060, 7000 TCP/UDP SIP call setup and handling
    5061, 7001 TCP SIP call setup and handling
    16384-32768 UDP RTP/ RTCP multimedia streaming for call audio
*   123 UDP Time syncing on connected SIP phones and other devices
*   80, 443 TCP Polycom conference and desk phones
*.yealink   80, 443 TCP Yealink conference and desk phones
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