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Forward your calls to another number

Call forwarding lets you send all incoming calls to another phone number. When someone calls you, the call is immediately forwarded to the other number you specify. Your company phone - and the desktop app - doesn't ring. If the call isn't answered at the forwarded phone, the caller can leave a voicemail. The voicemail message is saved in your own voicemail box, not the forwarded number.

For example, if you're expecting an important call, but have to leave your desk for a while, you can forward calls to your personal cell phone. When someone calls your phone number, the call will be forwarded to your cell phone, where you can answer. If you miss the call, messages are saved in your voicemail box, not your cell phone voicemail.

On the desktop app, incoming calls that are forwarded are listed on the Recent tab.

Note: Your phone admin can set up additional forwarding options for your number, including allowing voicemails to be left at the forwarding number.

To enable call forwarding:

  1. On your phone or the desktop app, dial *72.

    Desktop app: when the call connects, on the Current call panel, click the Dialpad button to show the keypad.

  2. When prompted, enter the phone number or extension you wish to forward your calls to, and then press #.

To disable call forwarding:

On your phone or the desktop app, dial *73. A message announces that call forwarding is disabled.

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