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Switch between calls

With the call waiting and hold features, you can handle multiple calls. When you are on a call and another call arrives, call waiting alerts you. When you answer the new call, the active call is placed on hold. 

Depending on how your phone is set up, you can manage three or more calls. You can switch among these calls, resuming a call and placing another on hold.

On the desktop app

On the desktop app, you can manage two calls. When you're on a call and a second call comes in, you can answer and disconnect the first call, answer and place the first call on hold, or send the new call to voicemail. 

On the notification message, click the AnswerAnswer and Hold, or Ignore button. The first option disconnects the original call.


On your phone, in the calls list, select the call on hold and tap or press Resume. The active call is placed on hold, and the call previously on hold becomes active again. For more than two calls, navigate up and down in the calls list to locate the call you want to resume. Select it in the list and then tap or press Resume.


For two calls, press Swap by the LCD screen to switch between them. The second call is placed on hold, and the first call becomes active again. 

For more than two calls, use the arrow keys to move between calls and locate the call you want to resume. Press Resume.

If your phone is set up for multiple lines, you can also press the line key for a call on hold and press Resume.

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