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Answer a call

Answer a call on the desktop app

You do not have to keep the desktop app in front to receive calls. When someone calls you, the app rings and displays incoming caller information on your screen. You can answer the call or reject it (send it to voicemail). On the notification message, just click the Answer or Ignore button.

Answer a call on your phone

When you receive a call, your phone rings and displays incoming caller information on the screen. 

To answer the call:

  • Pick up the handset
  • Press the speakerphone button for hands-free calling
  • Press the headset button to pick up on a connected headset (if plugged in)
  • Select Answer to take the call on speakerphone or a connected headset (if set up to auto-answer)

    Answer might be a button, an option on the touch screen, or a soft key by the LCD screen

  • Press the line key associated with the incoming call

During a call, you can alternate between modes by pressing the speakerphone button, headset button, or by picking up the handset.

Take and place calls on your headset

When a call comes in, you can select Answer to take the call on your connected headset. This requires a simple setup:

  • Yealink - On your phone, the headset button is also a toggle - it switches headset mode on and off. To enable auto-answer on your headset, press the headset button. The button lights up and a headset icon appears on the screen.
  • Polycom - Set up headset memory. On the screen, tap Settings > Basic > Preferences > Headset. In the Headset options, tap Headset Memory and set it to Enabled. Now press the headset button. The headset button blinks to show memory is enabled.
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