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Check your voicemail

You can access your voicemail messages from the desktop app, your phone, or via email (if voicemail to email is set up). 

When you receive a new voicemail, your phone notifies you. Depending on the make and model of your phone, it plays an audible alert, the LED indicator light flashes red, the status bar shows a message icon, or a message icon displays on the screen with the number of messages waiting. 

On the desktop app, the Voicemails tab shows how many new messages are waiting.

Voicemail to email saves the voicemail as an audio file (MP3 or WAV) and sends it to you as an attachment in an email message. 

Note: When you listen to a message from your email, the "message waiting" indicators are not dismissed from your phone. Your phone and the desktop app still show there are messages waiting.

Check messages on the desktop app

On the desktop app, click the Calls tab, and then click the Voicemails tab. The app lists all your voicemail messages, with the most recent at the top.

To listen to a message:

  1. In the list of messages, click V to open the player panel, and then click the Play button.

    Play Voicemail

    After listening to a message, you can download it as an MP3 recording, call the person back, or delete it.

  2. Point to the message to highlight it, and then click the More button.

    The following example shows how to delete a voicemail after listening to it.

Check messages on your own phone

To listen to messages:

  1. Dial *98 on your company phone, or select Messages.

    Messages might be a button, an option on the touch screen, or a soft key next to the LCD screen.

  2. If prompted for your voicemail box, enter your extension (normally, the last four digits of your phone number), and then press #.
  3. If prompted for your voicemail password, enter your password, and then press #.
  4. Press 1 to play the first new message.
  5. When finished listening to the message (or while it is playing), select what you want to do. Press:
    • 7 to delete the message and go to the next voicemail
    • 1 to save it
    • 2 to replay it
    • 3 to forward it to someone else
  6. When finished listening to your messages, hang up.

    The message waiting indicators on your phone are dismissed.

See the Voicemail Quick Reference for a full list of commands for managing messages, settings, and your greeting.

Check messages remotely

If you aren't at your own desk, you can pick up your voicemail from another phone. Either:

  • Call your company phone number, and during the voicemail greeting press *.
  • From a co-worker's phone, dial *97 and then enter your mailbox number.

Voicemail to email

With voicemail to email, you can listen to your messages anywhere you can access email - from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. When you receive a new message, the system sends an email with an audio file (MP3 or WAV) containing the voicemail message. Just open the email and click the attached file to listen to the message.

You cannot delete a voicemail message via email.

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