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Delete voicemail messages

Your voicemail box can hold a maximum of 100 messages before it becomes full. There is not a quick way to empty your entire voicemail box. You must delete each voicemail message from your phone.

You cannot delete a voicemail message from email (if voicemail to email is set up); however, your company administrator can set your account to automatically delete voicemails from your voicemail box after the message is emailed to you.

On the desktop app

To delete a voicemail:

  1. On the desktop app, click the Calls tab, and then click the Voicemails tab.

    The app lists all your voicemail messages, with the most recent at the top.

  2. In the list, point to a message to highlight it and then click the More button.
  3. Click Delete.

    You can delete any voicemail in the list. The following example shows how to delete a voicemail after listening to it.

On your phone

To delete a voicemail:

  1. Dial *98 on your company phone, or select Messages.

    Messages might be a button, an option on the touch screen, or a soft key next to the LCD screen.

  2. If prompted for your mailbox number, enter your extension (normally, the last four digits of your phone number), and then press #.
  3. If prompted for your voicemail password, enter your password, and then press #.
  4. Press 1 to play new messages or 2 to play saved messages.
  5. When finished listening to the message (or while it is playing), press 7 to delete the message and go to the next message.

See the Voicemail Quick Reference for a full list of commands for managing messages, settings, and your greeting.

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