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GlobalMeet Collaboration guides

User Guides

User Guide for Hosts

This guide walks you through your first GlobalMeet meeting so that you can begin hosting productive, engaging meetings.

GlobalMeet Collaboration User Guide

December 2020

Meeting Guide for Guests

This guide is for guests joining a meeting on their PC or Mac. Learn how to join the meeting, connect audio, share your webcam, and share your screen.

GlobalMeet Collaboration Meeting Guide for Guests

December 2020

Technical Guides

Deployment Guide

This guide is intended to assist IT staff in planning and execution of a GlobalMeet personal web conferencing service deployment. This guide covers system requirements, network requirements, bandwidth estimating metrics, app installers, and more.

GlobalMeet Collaboration Deployment Guide

October 8, 2021

Security Guide

This guide covers security specific to the GlobalMeet Collaboration product. This guide covers access controls, application security, data security, and physical security. It is not an end user document.

GlobalMeet Collaboration Security Guide

May 2019

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