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Mobile apps quick ref

This quick reference guide helps you learn the basics of hosting or attending meetings using your mobile device.

Connect your audio

Whether you start your own meeting or join another meeting, the next step is connecting to meeting audio. You can use your data or Wi-Fi connection for HD meeting audio, have the meeting call your phone, or dial in to the meeting. 

To connect your audio:


  • Connect now with VoIP to talk and listen through a connected headset (recommended) or your device's mic and speakers.
  • Call me to have the meeting room call you at the phone number you enter. The app remembers phone numbers previously entered, so you don't have to enter them again.
  • Dial in to choose a dial-in number. To change access numbers, tap the primary access number and select a new one from the list. The app provides you with the access number and passcode when you enter the meeting room, just tap Call. No need to memorize an access number or passcode.

    Select audio connection

Once you have connected your audio, the Audio button shows your audio status and type of connection:

  • A green mic indicates an active phone connection
  • A blue mic indicates an active VoIP audio connection and displays your speaking volume level
  • A red mic indicates your line is muted or your audio is not connected

Manage your meeting

Tap Guests to show everyone in the meeting, including any roles assigned to a participant. If you are the host, tap a guest's name to mute their mic, promote them to the Presenter role, or dismiss them from your meeting. Tap Meeting to see who is currently speaking, who spoke last in the meeting, or to view shared content and webcams. Tap Chat to join the current conversation. Tap Exit to leave the meeting or just manually close your app (iOS).

Note: You always enter the room on the Guests tab.


Record your meeting

Hosts can record their meetings for future reference and for sharing with participants unable to attend. Recordings capture a high-quality video of your meeting, including the Meeting panel, Chat panel, and any webcams, screens, files, or videos being shared in the room. The maximum time limit for a recording is 8 hours.

The meeting room prompts you to start recording when:

  • Content is shared within the meeting
  • Several minutes have passed and you have absent guests (Outlook integration required)

Note: The completed recording captures the meeting room in your selected language (Dutch, French, German, or English).


To record a meeting:

On the meeting controls, tap the More button and then tap Start Recording. 

More Options

To stop recording:

On the meeting controls, tap the More button and then tap Stop Recording.


To record a meeting:

On the meeting controls, tap the Record button.


To stop recording:

On the meeting controls, tap the Stop button.

View shared content

If someone is sharing content within the meeting, you can follow along on your smartphone, on our mobile apps. You can view shared screens, application windows, files, whiteboards, and videos.

To hear the video on your smartphone, you must be a meeting room participant (not audio-only) and connected to audio using VoIP. If you had the meeting call you or dialed in to the meeting you will not hear anything, even if you can see the video.

  • Tap the resize icon to view full-screen, or rotate your device for a larger, landscape display.
  • Tap the middle of the screen to hide and show the audio controls. If viewing a video, tapping hides and shows the player controls as well.
  • Pinch to zoom in and out on the shared screen.

    Note: You cannot zoom in or out on videos.

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