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Add GlobalMeet Audio to your Adobe Connect account

After you sign up for a GlobalMeet audio account, you can use it for audio conferencing capabilities in your Adobe Connect account.

To connect your audio account to your Adobe Connect account:

  1. Log in to your Adobe Connect account.
  2. Click My Profile and then click My Audio Profiles.

    Adobe Connect supports multiple audio profiles in the same account, so that you can associate more than one audio account with your meeting rooms.

  3. Add an audio profile for your GlobalMeet audio account. Click New Profile.
  4. In the Provider list, select PGi NA.
  5. Enter a profile name (a nickname for the account that will help you remember which account it is).
  6. Enter your GlobalMeet client ID, password, and the host passcode (also called the moderator code).
  7. Click Save


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