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Set your default meeting audio

By default, Skype displays the Join Meeting Audio screen and prompts you to select your audio option each time you join a meeting. 

With GMSO, there are two ways to join the audio portion of a Skype Meeting. You can connect over Skype by using your computer mic and speakers or a headset or dial in to the meeting from a phone of your choice.  The third Skype option – Call me at – is not supported.

You can set your default audio option and also have Skype skip the Join Meeting Audio step.

To set your default meeting audio:

  1. On the Skype for Business menu, click the Tools, and then click Options.
  2. On the Skype for Business Options screen, select Skype Meetings (in the menu at left of the screen).
  3. Under Joining conference calls, in the Join meeting audio from drop-down menu, select:
    • Skype for Business – to use your computer mic and speakers for meeting audio.
    • Do not join audio – to use a phone for meeting audio (either dial in or have the meeting call you).


    Note: Do not select one of your saved phone numbers. Call me at is not supported.

  4. To use the option you just selected for all Skype Meetings, clear the Before I join meetings, ask me which audio device I want to use check box.
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