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About GlobalMeet for Skype Online

GlobalMeet for Skype Online (GMSO) brings superior voice quality to every Skype meeting. It allows you and your guests to call in to your online meetings and conferences from any desk or mobile phone, using the local, toll-free, and international access numbers provided by GlobalMeet.

This article contains information to get you started.

Start by scheduling your meeting

The first step is scheduling your Skype meeting in Outlook. This creates a meeting invitation with a link to your Skype meeting, the conference ID (participant passcode), and a list of GlobalMeet dial-in numbers. (Meet Now meetings are not supported by GMSO.)

Depending on how your admin has set up GMSO, you can click the GMSO Meeting add-in or New Skype Meeting (supported on Windows) buttons. A third option, the GMSO Skype invitation scanner, watches for Skype meeting invitations and edits them, sending an updated invitation with the GMSO meeting details.


If you want to set meeting options for the lobby and who joins as a presenter, use the GMSO Meeting add-in.

Sample meeting invitation


The invitation is important for starting or joining meetings. GMSO includes an Audio Assistant that works in the background and links the meeting audio for your dial-in participants with the Skype audio participants in the meeting.

To ensure that the Audio Assistant is watching, you and your invited guests must join using the Join Skype Meeting link in the meeting invitation.

Your meeting invitation includes:

  • A unique link to Join Skype Meeting. All attendees should use this link when joining.
  • A unique Conference ID to be used as the dial-in passcode.
  • A dial out option – guests can click to have the meeting call them.
  • Additional dial-in numbers.

Mobile users: Tap any number in the invitation to join without having to enter the conference ID.

Start or join the meeting

Always start your Skype meeting from the meeting invitation in Outlook. This ensures that dial-in access participants are linked correctly to your Skype meeting. For full control, we recommend that hosts and presenters connect with Skype audio.

Note: When hosting, use the Skype desktop client for Mac or Windows.

Connect to meeting audio

When you join a meeting, Skype displays the Join Meeting Audio screen and prompts you to select your audio option each time you join a meeting. You can connect over Skype by using your computer mic and speakers or a headset, dial in to the meeting, or have the meeting call you. If dialing in or having the meeting dial out to you, select Don’t join audio. The third Skype option – Call me at – is not supported.

If this is your meeting, we recommend you select Use Skype for Business for full meeting control.


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