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Known Issues

Connect Audio

Incomplete Caller ID

The Participants panel shows the telephone number of participants who dial in to your meeting.

Sometimes, the full telephone number is not displayed. This is not a bug. The caller ID you see depends on your attendee’s carrier. If the carrier does not provide the full number, then the guest’s information might be incomplete.


Long meetings seem to "time out"

GlobalMeet Audio has standard checks in place to help prevent "hung conferences" – that is, calls where one or two lines remain open even though everyone has left the meeting – potentially resulting in a large bill.

This safeguard might also cause your meeting audio to disconnect during meetings that last longer than four hours.

GlobalMeet Audio will not disconnect you without a warning. Starting at five hours into your call, the conference plays an audible prompt, telling participants to “Press 1” to continue the call. Any participant can press 1 to continue the call.

If you are on a long call, listen for these prompts and be sure to press 1 within five minutes.

The first prompt is at approximately 5 hours into a call, if the conference finds two or fewer participants. The next prompt is at 6 hours. Past 6 hours, the prompt is played at 15 minutes past the top of the hour until the conference has ended (that is, at 7 hours 15 minutes into the call, at 8:15, 9:15, etc.).

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