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Connect your audio

Connect Audio

There are three ways to join the audio portion of a Skype Meeting. You can connect over Skype by using your Internet connection for VoIP meeting audio when available, have the meeting call your phone, or dial in to the meeting.


  • Use Skype for Business (full audio and video experience) to use your computer microphone and speakers or a headset.
  • Call me at drop-down menu to have Skype call you at a number you specify.
    • Save frequently used numbers in Settings > Phones to include them as options.
    • Select New Number to use a temporary number.

      Note: Phone numbers should be entered with a 1, and then area code first. You may add parentheses and dashes for readability. If adding international phone numbers, type the + sign, then the country code followed by the local number.

  • Don't join audio to go directly to the meeting and call in to the meeting from the phone of your choice later.

By default, Skype displays the Join Meeting Audio screen and prompts you to select your audio option each time you join a meeting. However, you can skip the join audio step by setting your default meeting audio option for all Skype Meetings you attend.

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