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Install the Outlook add-in

The GlobalMeet add-in for Outlook offers a fast way to schedule a meeting or audio conference, send invitations, and track responses in your Outlook calendar. If you manage another person's Outlook calendar (Delegate Access), you can schedule meetings for them with their GlobalMeet meeting details

Install the add-in

This is a custom add-in that you enable from the add-ins menu in Outlook.

To install the add-in:

  1. First, copy the add-in URL to the clipboard.

  2. In your version of Outlook, access the add-ins feature:
    • Windows and Mac - On the Home ribbon, click Get Add-ins.

    • Outlook on the web - While reading a message, click (...More actions and then scroll down and click Get Add-ins. Or create a new event in your calendar, and at the top click (...More actions and then click Get Add-ins.

      Outlook for the web More Actions button

      Outlook for the web Calendar More Actions button

    • If you don't see the Get Add-ins option, click the following URL to open the Manage add-ins page.

  3. Access the Add from URL option. It looks slightly different, depending on your version of Outlook.
    • Windows, Mac, and Outlook on the web - on the add-ins window, click My add-ins, and then click + Add a custom add-in and select Add from URL.

      Add from URL

    • Manage add-ins page on the web (no Get Add-ins option available) - click + and select Add from a URL.

      Add from URL

  4. Paste the URL you copied, click OK, and then click Install.
  5. GlobalMeet is included under Custom add-ins. Close the add-ins window.

Sign in to your account

Tip: In Outlook on the web, the GlobalMeet add-in options are hidden under the (...) More actions button. Customize Outlook to show the GlobalMeet button  in messages and in new events in the Calendar view. Learn more »

  • Windows and Mac - The add-in buttons are included at the right side of the Home ribbon. Click GlobalMeet Tools and then select Accounts to sign in to your account.

    add-in buttons

  • Outlook on the web - Create a new event in your calendar, and at the top click (...More actions. Select GlobalMeet > GlobalMeet Tools > Accounts to sign in.

    Note: If you see a blank GlobalMeet panel, make sure your browser allows cookies.

    add-in buttons web

  • Classic Outlook on the web - At the top of a message or calendar event, click the  button, select GlobalMeet Tools, and then select Accounts to sign in.

Display the reading pane in Outlook

The GlobalMeet Outlook add-in requires you to enable the reading pane in Outlook.

  • Windows and Mac - On the View tab (Windows) or Organize tab (Mac), click Reading Pane. Select whether to show the reading pane on the right or at the bottom. (Do not choose Off.)

    Outlook Reading Pane

  • Outlook on the web -  In the top menu, click Settings, and then scroll down to Reading Pane. Under Reading pane, select whether to show the reading pane on the right or at the bottom. Do not choose Hide reading pane. Click OK to save your selection.

    OutlookWeb-Settings- Reading pane.png

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