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Release Notes

The current desktop app release is version 6.26, released on May 28, 2020.

June 3

iOS updates

Release 6.21

  • Connect audio. The connect audio screens now include better labeling, showing whose meeting you are joining and always displaying the host's name at the top.
  • Guests tab. Audio-only guests renamed by a host using the desktop or browser now display as names instead of phone numbers.
  • Bug fix. Guests tab. When a dial-in guest left the meeting room but stayed connected to audio, their name was dropped instead of remaining as an audio-only guest.
  • Bug fix. Connect audio. When a large number of guests joined a meeting, the audio selection screen took longer to load.
  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Sometimes signing in using your email address resulted in the app showing a blank white screen when using SSO.
  • Bug fix. If you dialed in to the meeting, the muted symbol was displayed next to your name, although your line was not muted.
  • Bug fix. iPad. Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard covered the Chat input and meeting controls.
  • Fixed reported app crash.

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June 2

Android updates

Release 6.21

  • Bug fix. When viewing shared content, the initials for the active talker were missing.
  • Bug fix. When viewing shared content in landscape or fullscreen mode, the sizing for the meeting controls was incorrect causing you to unintentionally mute when attempting to turn on speakerphone.
  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Applies to guests who remain signed in to the app. Your recent meeting list was empty even if you viewed the list right after leaving a meeting.

    Note: The recent meeting list clears automatically when you sign out.

  • Fixed reported app crashes.

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