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Release Notes

January  7

iOS updates

Release 6.32

Important: You must be connected to Wi-Fi (not your carrier network) to view webcams.

  • You can now share your webcam.
    • In the meeting controls, tap the Webcam button to share your webcam. Your front-facing camera displays and the Webcam button turns blue to indicate you are sharing.
    • Be sure to give the app permission to share your webcam. Otherwise, you have to use the Settings app to update your permissions.  
    • When you turn your webcam on or off while spotlighting someone else’s webcam or shared content, a message displays to let you know whether your webcam is on or off. 
    • The Record button no longer displays on the meeting controls. To record your meeting, tap the More button and then tap Start Recording.
  • Bug fix. When a guest had the meeting dial out to them to join the meeting, their name displayed twice in the guest list.
  • Bug fix. When guests shared their webcams in the meeting, the webcams did not display correctly on iPad Air.

Meeting room updates

Release 6.40

  • Bug fix. Quick color touch-up while you have great meetings.

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