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Admin Tools Updates

November 13

Admin Portal updates

Release 7.18

  • Company Edit. Now Global Admins and Provider Admins can search for and edit inactive companies. 
  • Add or Edit Company. To ensure company information is displayed correctly on invoices, field length limits were updated for the following fields:
    • Company Name - 50
    • Address lines 1 through 3 - 50
    • City - 30
    • Zip/Postal Code - 10
    • External ID - 20
    • Billing Reference Number - 25
    • All Comments fields - 4000
  • Add or Edit Company > Promotions. The default promotion is now identified in the list of selected promotions. In addition, you can drag and resize the columns in the promo table.


  • Add or Edit Client. To ensure client information is displayed correctly on invoices, field length limits were updated for the following fields:
    • First Name - 25
    • Last Name - 25
    • Email address - 75
    • Billing Reference Number - 25
    • External ID - 20
    • Special Info - 30
    • All Comments fields - 4000
  • Add or Edit Web Room. Meeting room names can be up to 50 characters. Previously they were limited to 30 characters.

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October 20

Admin Portal updates

Release 7.17

  • Add Company. In the Billing Information section, the Billing Unit field is now blank, to ensure that the correct billing unit is selected for the company. Previously, it defaulted to USA.
  • Bug fix. Edit Web Meeting Room. For GM4 meeting rooms, the Meeting Server Location list was blank. It now correctly displays options for North America, EMEA, and AsiaPac.

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October 9

Admin Portal updates

Release 7.16

  • Edit a Client. Applies to companies with Moderator Billing policy. The Admin Portal now checks whether a client has a credit card on file before it allows you to add or edit audio conferences for the client.
    • If no credit card is on file, a message advises you to contact the Credit Card Handling Department and provide the credit card number.
    • You can keep the Add or Edit Audio Conference Account page open while you call and provide the credit card number. Then, refresh the page to save your updates.
  • Bug fix. In Address sections, the list of provinces was not complete for all countries. (For example, if you selected India as the country, only seven provinces were listed, rather than all 37 Indian provinces.) This affected the address fields on the following pages:
    • Add and Edit Company - Provider Admins and GA
    • Add and Edit Client - all admin users
    • My Profile - all users

For Global Admins

  • A Global Admin can now reset the password for another Global Admin.
  • Edit Company. The Territory Code field is now included on the left side of the Profile Information section. Previously, only the Sales Rep field was included. This field displays either the territory code description or the sales rep name as follows: 
    • If a territory code is assigned to the company and the territory code has a description, the description is displayed.
    • If the assigned territory code doesn't have a description, the sales rep name is displayed.
    • If no territory code is assigned, the sales rep name is displayed.

    Note: All input fields, including Territory Code, have active Search buttons, when in Read-Only Mode.


  • Edit Client. The Sales Rep is now displayed on the left side of the Profile Information section. Previously, the Sales Rep was only visible on the Company pages.


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September 23

Admin Portal updates

Release 7.15

  • Schedule an Audio Meeting. If offered by your company, available to all user levels. Otherwise, limited to Provider Admins and higher. You can now schedule meeting durations in 15-minute increments, up to 2 hours. At 2 hours, durations are incremented in 30 minute intervals. Previously, you could schedule meetings for 15 or 30 minutes, but at 1 hour the durations were incremented in 30 minute intervals. 
  • Provider Admins and GA only. Client Search. Email addresses are now included in the search results.

For Global Admins

  • Edit Company and Add/Edit Client. The Customer Status Level tag is now displayed.
  • Edit Company. If the company is inactive, the Inactive Status indicator is now displayed at the top of the page.
  • Inactive Clients. The Edit Client page now includes a view-only listing of the client's audio conferences. The Actions buttons are removed.
  • Bill-To accounts. The Admin Portal now prevents you from deleting (deactivating) a client if that client is assigned as the Bill-To for a customer. A warning message is displayed and you are given the option to create a new client as the Bill-To for the customer.
  • Bug fix. Add Provider > Provider Details. When adding a provider, the GM4 meeting server address was incorrectly entered for the GlobalMeet 5.0 meeting server. 


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September 8 

Admin Portal updates

Release 7.14

Send Account Details

All admin users.

  • Bug fix. If you entered an invalid email address, the error message displayed at the top of the page you were on. The error now displays below your error.


  • Bug fix. When you clicked Send, the “Please Wait…” spinner was not displayed.


For Global Admins

  • Bug fix. Edit Client > Add or Edit Audio Conference. Global Admins could not add or edit audio conferences for clients that were under a site with the following services blocked: Web Account Editing, Web Reservation Edits, and Web Reservations. GA permissions now properly override these limits.


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