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February 2021 updates

February 26

Outlook add-in updates

Release 13.3.5

  • Join meetings faster. New simplified meeting invitations make it easier to join by phone, computer, and video room system.
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February 25

iOS updates

Release 6.33

  • To improve streaming quality, the Meeting tab now displays three webcams at a time. Tap the arrows above the webcams to view additional feeds. If you are sharing your webcam, your feed is always displayed first.
  • Performance improvements to help you use less bandwidth when you're not viewing webcams.
  • Visual improvements to the Meeting tab.
  • Bug fix. When you turned on your webcam, your webcam buffered and did not display in the meeting.
  • Bug fix. When you locked and then unlocked your device while sharing your webcam, your webcam feed turned black.
  • Bug fix. iPad. When you changed the orientation of your device to landscape mode, the webcam feeds did not display correctly.
  • Bug fix. When you tapped a meeting link outside of the app (for example, in a meeting invitation), the app opened but did not join the meeting.
  • Bug fix. The iOS app has been reintroduced to the China App Store.

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February 19

Android updates

Release 6.34

  • We've made visual improvements to the Connect Audio screens.
    • Dial in. To make dialing in easier, we've now pre-selected the primary access number for you. Tap the access number to select a different one or search for a dial-in number. To search, tap Dial in with my phone, tap the pre-selected phone number, and then tap the Search button and enter a phone number or country name.
    • Call me. We've now selected your previously used phone number for you. Tap the phone number to select a different one or to add a new number.
  • Bug fix. Dial in. When your dial-in connection was interrupted or cancelled and then you tapped Dial in with my phone, you did not see the dial-in numbers. Instead, you were placed into the meeting.
  • Bug fix. When you joined a meeting with a dial-in connection and you were muted until the host joined, your Mic button turned blue if the host joined with a VoIP connection.

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February 18

Meeting room updates

Release 6.42

  • Bug fix. Whiteboard. When you resized a drawing, it disappeared for guests that joined the meeting with a browser and the mobile app.

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February 12

Desktop app updates

Release 7.2

  • Home tab. Now you can join Teams meetings and view invitations from your connected Outlook calendar.
    • Teams meetings support. If you have an invitation on your Outlook calendar with a Teams meeting URL, the meeting card includes a Join button. Click the Join button to open the Teams client or a web browser and join the meeting.
    • In the Today column, click an agenda item to go to your Outlook calendar and view the invitation.
  • Settings > Hardware acceleration. To improve performance when webcams are being shared, hardware acceleration is now set to Off for systems with Intel Core i5 or lower CPUs. For Intel Core i7 processors and higher, hardware acceleration is set to On.

    To change this option, click Settings, scroll to the Advanced section, and set the Hardware Acceleration option to On or Off.

  • Bug fix. Mac. On the menu bar and dock, click the GlobalMeet icon > Start My Meeting to launch your meeting. Previously, these options did not work.
  • Bug fix. Home tab. When a network connection was disrupted, sometimes the desktop app showed a white screen when internet access returned. Now the app correctly shows the Home tab. 
  • Bug fix. The title was missing from the Settings > Integrations tab.
  • Bug fix. Settings > Integrations. When a guest user (without a meeting account) disconnected their Outlook calendar, an incorrect message stated there was a problem disconnecting.

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February 4

Meeting room updates

Release 6.41

  • Outlook calendar. The "Permissions requested" screen that displays when you connect your Outlook calendar has been resized. You can review all permissions and click Accept without scrolling. 
  • Bug fix. Dial Out. If you had the meeting call you and then used Change audio and disconnected, the meeting prompted you to connect again, blocking your view of the room. Now you return immediately to the meeting.

Android updates

Release 6.33

  • You can now view and share webcams while connected to your cellular network. Previously, you could only view and share webcams over Wi-Fi.
  • To improve streaming quality, the Meeting tab now displays three webcams at a time. Tap the arrows above the webcams to view additional feeds. If you are sharing your webcam, your feed is always displayed first.
  • Bug fix. If your device went into sleep mode when you had the mobile app open, the mobile app would display a white screen and spinner when you woke it up.
  • Bug fix. If you were in a meeting and switched apps while the host changed their shared content from whiteboard to file presentation, the whiteboard displayed above the shared file.
  • Bug fix. If you tapped the More button and tapped Change connection while the host was sharing their screen and then changed the orientation of your device, the audio options did not display correctly.
  • Bug fix. Chat. When the same message was sent twice, the first message disappeared for the person who sent the duplicate message.
  • Bug fix. The app now recognizes meeting links with uppercase letters in the domain. Previously, the meeting opened in a browser instead of the app.
  • Bug fix. German. Guests tab. When you tapped the More button next to someone's name, the menu options were not properly aligned.
  • Bug fix. Japanese. A Japanese welcome message now plays when you connect your audio with VoIP. Previously, an English welcome message played.
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