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March 2021 updates

March 26

Desktop app updates

Release 7.3

  • Home tab. Updates to the Google calendar integration:
    • In the Today column, click an agenda item to go to your connected Google calendar and view the invitation.
    • For GlobalMeet meetings, if the location field in an invitation is blank, the app checks the body of the invitation for the meeting URL and displays it as the join URL on the agenda and meeting cards. Previously, it only displayed the join URL if it was in the location field.
  • Bug fix. After a new install of the app, if your network connection was lost during the welcome tour before you accepted cookies, a blank white screen displayed when the network connection resumed. You had to restart the app to continue and sign in to the app.

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March 23

Meeting updates

Release 6.43

  • Unsupported browsers. We've made it easier to get to a meeting if you first opened the meeting URL in Safari, Opera, or other unsupported browser.
    • On the "unsupported browser" page, click Copy meeting URL to clipboard, open a supported browser, and paste and go.
    • Click one of the browser icons - IE 11, Chrome, Firefox, or Edge - to download the supported browser.
  • Computer audio (VoIP). Now when you reach the Choose Your Mic and Speakers page, you can connect your preferred audio device (for example, a wired or Bluetooth headset) and wait a few seconds for the meeting to find it. Previously, you had to either connect the device before joining the meeting or click < Back, connect the device, and choose Use my computer again. 
  • Recording. If the recorder doesn't start correctly, it now automatically restarts. If the restart fails, an error message asks you to try again.
  • Bug fix. Chat. If you pressed Enter before typing anything in the text box, the message "undefined" was sent to the chat.
  • Bug fix. The first option on menus wasn't highlighted when you pointed to it (for example, Help > Call a support agent and Guest details > Mute).

Outlook add-in updates

Release 14.0

  • This is an internal software library update. No customer-facing changes.

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March 19

iOS updates

Release 6.35

  • You can now view and share webcams while connected to your cellular network! 
  • This will be the last release that supports iOS 12.

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March 16

Android updates

Release 6.35

  • We've reduced the amount of bandwidth the app uses when it is in the background.
  • Bug fix. When connecting your audio, the option to connect with your speakerphone did not display.
  • Bug fix. When you joined a meeting with VoIP and changed your connection to a new VoIP connection with the Mute my mic after connecting option set to On, your audio was not muted.
  • Bug fix. When a host muted all guests in the meeting, the mute option did not update for co-hosts and they could not unmute all guests.
  • Bug fix. When you switched from Wi-Fi to your carrier's cellular network, this warning message only displayed if you were using VoIP audio: "You are not currently connected to Wi-Fi. You will be responsible for all data charges due to the carrier." It should have been displayed regardless of audio connection type.

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March 12

iOS updates

Release 6.34

  • Behind the scenes, we're making improvements to the waiting room experience and finalizing webcam sharing on cellular networks. 
  • Security menu. The waiting room text now explains that guests can be admitted by the host and promoted guests (presenters).
  • Webcam. On cellular connections, the Webcam button is not available. If you'd like to share your webcam, connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Bug fix. VoIP audio. Sometimes, if you were connected on VoIP audio and the host ended the meeting, you returned to the Meetings tab (as expected), but the app reconnected your VoIP audio.
  • Bug fix. iPad. On the welcome screens, when you switched between portrait and landscape mode, there were alignment issues.
  • Bug fix. If a meeting URL contained capital letters in the domain name (for example,, the app opened a browser and navigated to the link instead of joining the meeting in the app.
  • Bug fixes. Viewing shared content:
    • In portrait mode a dark bar appeared above the meeting controls and at the bottom of full-screen view. You couldn't zoom or extend the shared content into that area of the screen. 
    • If you were on the Guests tab and rotated your device to landscape mode, when you switched to the Meetings tab the shared content was still in portrait mode.
    • iPhone. If you had a webcam spotlighted and someone opened the whiteboard, the header changed to "Whiteboard." It should have kept the spotlighted guest's name.
    • iPad. If several guests were sharing webcam and you spotlighted the whiteboard, the header still said "Whiteboard & N webcams" instead of changing to "Whiteboard."
  • Bug fix. Webcam. Some users reported that after sharing webcam for 30 minutes or more and turning it off, the app crashed when they tapped the Webcam button again.
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