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June 2021 updates

June 23

iOS updates

Release 6.41

Bug fixes:

  • Previously, when someone sent you links in chat messages, the links displayed as blue in a blue chat bubble. To make the links easier to read, we've changed the link color to white.
  • When you opened the chat keyboard, emojis were not available.
  • When you typed a chat message that contained special characters or emojis, the Send button was disabled and you could not send your message.
  • When you were in landscape mode and you tapped on a whiteboard, webcam, shared screen, or shared file to spotlight it, and then tapped the minimize button, the shared webcams displayed zoomed-in.  
  • When you scheduled a meeting from the mobile app and GlobalMeet VRC was disabled, the VRC connection details displayed in meeting invitations.
  • iPad. The webcam streams stretched off the screen when:
    • you were in landscape mode and two people shared their webcam
    • you were in landscape or portrait mode and one person shared their webcam while they or someone else shared their screen
  • iPad Air. When you scheduled a meeting from the mobile app, the meeting notes in your calendar were blank and did not display the meeting link.


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June 16

Meeting updates

Release 6.49.2

  • When you're on the Guests tab and someone sends a message, a red dot displays on the Chat tab.


  • Bug fix. When you switched from the Guests tab to the Chat tab, the chat scrollbar was scrolled up to the first message sent in the chat. It is now scrolled to the bottom so the most recent message displays.

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June 15

Android updates

Release 6.40

  • We've updated how the Chat tab looks when no messages have been sent yet. It now matches the iOS Chat tab.
  • Bug fix. If you joined the meeting with VoIP and the host dialed in to the meeting late, you could not use your Mute button.
  • Bug fix. Previously, when someone sent you links in chat messages, the links displayed as blue in a blue chat bubble. To make the links easier to read, we've changed the link color to white.
  • Bug fix. If a guest shared their webcam in your meeting and you were on the Guests or Chat tab, the active talker bar did not display when the guest started speaking.
  • Bug fix. If a promoted guest tapped on the name of a host or a guest that dialed in to the meeting or joined the meeting without connecting their audio, a white bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Bug fix. Meetings and Home tab. If a meeting link began with "Https://", the app identified the link as invalid and tried correcting it by adding an additional "https://" to the beginning of the link. This made the link invalid and prevented you from joining your meeting.

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June 11

iOS updates

Release 6.40

  • Help us improve the app by rating your meeting experience after the meeting ends. Right now, the feedback choices are simple: "It was great", "It could have been better", or "Skip". In an upcoming release, we'll give you a place to tell us how we can improve.
  • Bug fix. If you had the meeting call you when joining and then you closed the app but kept your audio connected to the meeting, you didn't display in the guest list.
  • Bug fix. If you had the meeting call you when joining, when you left the meeting, your audio was still connected.
  • Bug fix. If someone was sharing a file in the meeting and you tapped someone else's webcam to spotlight it, the name of the person sharing the file displayed above the other person's webcam.
  • Bug fix. Meeting tab. If your webcam was off while you were in landscape or full screen mode and you tapped Next when four or more people were sharing their webcam, the app switched to portrait mode.

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June 10

Meeting updates

Release 6.49

  • You can now share your webcam while screen sharing! When you screen share while sharing your webcam, your webcam displays in the filmstrip above the meeting stage.
  • The meeting's guest list and chat now display in their own tabs in the meeting sidebar. When you join the meeting, the Guests tab displays by default. To chat with others, click the Chat tab.

    Note: Currently, you do not receive a notification when someone sends a chat. Chat notifications will be included in the next release.

    Collab-GuestsTab@2x.png        Collab-ChatTab@2x.png

  • For VoIP audio connections, we're working to make the meeting experience better when it is being impacted by your network connection.
    • If the app detects a poor network detection and webcams are on, it alerts you and offers the option to switch to low bandwidth mode.
    • If nobody is sharing webcams, the app suggests that you change your audio connection (to use a phone).


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