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July 2021 updates

July 21

Meeting updates

Release 6.52

  • Chat. Improved notifications alert you that new messages are waiting.
    • On the Chat tab, the notification icon is larger, making it more visible.
    • When the Meeting sidebar is closed, the Show/Hide button at the top left includes a notification with the number of new messages.


  • Unsupported browser page. Added missing translations for the Internet Explorer end of support message.
  • Bug fix. If you visited the Chat tab (clearing the new chat notification) and then switched to full-stage or full-screen view, when you reset your view to normal the notification icon appeared again even though no new messages were received. 

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July 15

iOS updates

Release 6.42

  • Chat tab. If the chat feature is disabled for your account, the Chat tab no longer displays in the meeting.
  • We've updated the colors of the buttons on the audio connection and the end of meeting feedback screens:
    • Audio connection screen. When you tap Connect now with VoIP, the button turns red and when you tap Call Me or Dial In, the buttons are faded.
    • End of meeting feedback. When you tap It was great!, It could have been better, or Skip, the buttons are faded.
  • When you join the meeting by dialing in of by having the meeting dial out to you, and you try to change your audio to VoIP, a message displays that says "You can't use VoIP when you are on a call. Disconnect your call and try again".
  • Bug fix. If you joined a meeting from a browser or calendar app and logged in as a guest without an account and then logged out of the app, when you tried logging back in with your account and tapped Sign In, nothing happened.
  • Bug fix. When you joined a meeting and turned Low Bandwidth mode on while people were sharing their webcams, went to the Guests or Chat tab, and then returned to the Meeting tab, people's webcams displayed.
  • Bug fix. If you joined the meeting while four people were sharing their webcams and a whiteboard and you lost connection to Wi-Fi and cellular networks, when you reconnected and then joined the meeting again, the webcams buffered and the webcams and the whiteboard did not display in the meeting.
  • Bug fix. End of meeting feedback. If you were viewing someone's screen share in landscape mode and then the host ended the meeting, the end of meeting feedback screen displayed in landscape mode instead of portrait mode and the rating options overlapped with the header text. 
  • Bug fixes for issues while viewing screen share:
    • If you joined the meeting while someone was sharing their screen, the text that indicates who is sharing their screen at the top of the Meeting tab did not display.
    • When you tapped on someone's shared screen to spotlight it, the text that indicates who is sharing their screen did not display.
    • When you tapped on someone's shared screen to spotlight it and then they shared their webcam, the app exited spotlight mode and reset your view.

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July 7

Meeting updates

Release 6.51

  • Chrome and Edge browsers. Now you can share your system audio through screen share. This means you can play audio files and videos from your computer and share them in the meeting. (Previously, you had to upload files with audio to the file library to share them.)
    • To share audio, you must join the meeting in the Chrome or Edge browser.
    • Everyone using the desktop app or the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11 browsers will hear your system audio. Screen share audio is not currently supported for Safari users.
    • Your system's audio is included in meeting recordings.
    • To share your system audio while sharing your screen, click the Share button and then select Screen Share. Select your entire screen or a browser tab, select Share Audio, and click Share.


  • The Guests tab has been renamed the Participants tab.
  • The host is now included in the total number of participants.
  • When you join the meeting with Internet Explorer 11, you will be directed to the end of support announcement on the unsupported browsers page.
  • Bug fix. Webcam. When you turned your webcam on, your webcam stream displayed as a black screen, even though it displayed correctly in the preview.
  • Known Issue. People who join the meeting with Safari will not be able to hear the system audio while someone is sharing their screen. This will be resolved in a future release. Workaround: Join the meeting with the desktop app, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11.

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July 1

Android updates

Release 6.41

  • Meeting tab. When multiple webcams are shared, now you can swipe left and right to scroll through webcams.
  • Bug fix. In the app and meetings, buttons and menu options don't change color when tapped, making it difficult to see whether they were selected.
  • Bug fix. If you tapped a meeting URL in another app (for example, mail or chat) and weren't signed in, the GlobalMeet app opened and prompted you to sign in to your account, but didn't sent you to the meeting. Instead, the other app was displayed..
  • Bug fix. When audio was disconnected, tapping the red Speaker button did not open the audio connection screen.
  • Bug fixes for issues while viewing full-screen mode on the Meeting tab:
    • While connecting audio, the EXIT bar was displayed at the top of the screen. 
    • The Speaker/Mic button in the mini controls now indicates when audio is connecting. Previously, there was no status indicator.
    • While watching screen share in full-screen mode, if someone started sharing their webcam, your view switched to normal mode.
  • Bug fix. If someone was screen sharing when you turned on your webcam, the app displayed the "You are sharing your camera" message (as expected), but then repeated the "Name is screen sharing" message.
  • Bug fix. Screen share. In normal and full-screen mode, sometimes the heading wasn't correct and displayed File Presentation or Webcam instead of Screenshare.
  • Bug fix. Video file presentation. In landscape mode, the player controls weren't displayed and the video image was cropped at top and bottom.
  • Bug fix. If you spotlighted your own webcam and then turned your camera off, the "Your webcam is off" message was displayed in the wrong place. 
  • Bug fix. Chat tab. While you were typing a message, the tab bar (Guests | Meeting | Chat) disappeared.

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