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September 2021 updates

Note: GlobalMeet VRC (video room connector) will be retired on September 12.

September 16

Meeting room updates

Release 6.55

  • Bug fix. When accessed from Internet Explorer, the system test did not correctly run. (Reminder: As of August, IE is not supported.)
  • Bug fix. You could join a meeting room on the second try from an unsupported browser. The first time you entered a meeting URL, you received the unsupported browser message, but the second time you entered the same URL in that browser, it allowed you to join. 

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September 15

Android updates

Release 6.44

  • End of meeting feedback. Tell us how we can improve the app. When the meeting ends, tap It could have been better and use the comment box to tell us what went wrong or what we could've done better.
  • Bug fix. If 16 people were sharing webcams and you tapped the Webcam button while on the Guests or Chat tab, your webcam didn't start (as expected), but no message was displayed. Now the message, "Can't turn on your webcam. Maximum number reached." is displayed on all tabs.

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September 8

Desktop updates

Release 7.7

  • Bug fix. Some users were not able to sign in to the app.

Google Add-on updates

Release 1.2

  • Now it's easier to sign in to your GlobalMeet account. If you're not signed in, the GlobalMeet side panel prompts you to sign in. After you sign in, it shows the name and email address from your GlobalMeet account. 


  • Start Meeting. Quickly launch your web meeting from your Google Calendar. On the side panel, click the GlobalMeet icon and then click Start My Meeting.

    If you have more than one web meeting, set the default meeting to use. Learn more »


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September 2

Desktop updates

Release 7.6

This release includes back-end system updates. No customer-facing changes.


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