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January 2020 updates

January 31

Outlook add-in updates


Bug fix. On Mac, the older sign-in process was still used. With this fix, on Mac:

  • The add-in now uses the same sign-in process as the meeting room and desktop apps.
  • GlobalMeet Tools > Settings > Meeting Settings. now opens Meeting Settings in a separate window. This is the same version that is available from the desktop apps.

To get the updated sign-in process, Mac users have to uninstall and then reinstall the add-in. After reinstalling the add-in, navigate to Accounts and sign in to your account. For detailed instructions, see Update the GlobalMeet Outlook add-in.

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January 30

Desktop app updates

Release 6.20

  • The desktop app now installs the latest version in the background, without interrupting your day. When you are not actively using the app, it applies the update and restarts.

    You need to manually update one last time to get the background update feature. In the desktop app, click the notification bell to restart and apply the update or go to the Settings tab, and under App, click Check for updates.

  • Bug fix. Mac status bar. The Uninstall option available from the GlobalMeet pop-up menu did not uninstall the app.

Business Phone updates

Available from the Calls tab in the desktop app

  • Call waiting is now available on the desktop app. When you're on a call and a second call comes in, you can answer and disconnect the first call, answer and place the first call on hold, or send the new call to voicemail.

    On the notification message, click the Answer, Answer and Hold, or Ignore button. The first option disconnects the original call.

  • Bug fix. Calls were dropping or the service was not available.

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January 28

Android updates

Release 6.15

  • Bug fix. Sometimes clicking the meeting URL from an entry on your smartphone calendar did not launch the mobile app.
  • Bug fix. The dial-in number list was not consistent with the web and desktop lists.
  • Bug fix. When using VoIP, the audio played through the phone's speaker instead of playing through the connected Bluetooth headset.
  • Bug fix. When attending a meeting connected to VoIP, the app would sometimes freeze.
  • Bug fix. Changing the default meeting URL in Settings was not updating the meeting room on the Meetings tab.
  • Bug fix. Sometimes switching your audio from VoIP to dial-out resulted in VoIP being disconnected without your phone being called.

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January 24

Meeting room updates

Release 6.19

  • The new Microsoft Edge browser (version 79) is now supported. The unsupported browser page has been updated to include the new Edge icon as a supported browser.
  • Video sharing. When sharing a video within a room, you can see a thumbnail preview when hovering over it on the timeline scrubber.

    Note: This feature is only for newly uploaded videos. Videos uploaded prior to this release will need to be removed and uploaded again to view thumbnail previews.

  • Bug fix. Sometimes closing a browser tab or meeting window did not sign you out.
  • Bug fix. Connect audio. If multiple guests were connecting to dial-out audio around the same time and one successfully connected and then disconnected before the others finished connecting, the connecting spinner continued to display even after the latter guest successfully connected.
  • Bug fix. Invite by phone. If you enter only a first name and phone number, the placeholder shown in the Meeting panel while the meeting calls your guest remains after the guest answers and joins the meeting.
  • Bug fix. File presentation. Pixel quality on high-resolution (retina) displays was not sharp for PDFs, documents, presentations, or spreadsheets.

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January 21

Desktop app updates

Release 6.19

  • Calls tab (Business Phone customers). You can now transfer a call. While on the call, click Transfer and enter the phone number or extension directly or search your company directory. Transfers to another person can be done directly or after speaking with the individual first.
  • Home tab (Outlook calendar connected). Join a meeting. The Join link now displays on the upcoming meeting card regardless of the character case in the URL.
  • Bug fix. The multi-task widget sometimes did not appear when the meeting room is not the active window.
  • Known issue. The current version of the desktop app does not support meeting rooms that use our earlier Flash-based technology. To avoid delays, the meeting room opens in your default browser. Flash-based meeting rooms are still supported on version 6.17.1 of the desktop app. Workarounds:
    • Hosts - download the previous Mac or Windows desktop app if you would like to launch and host your meetings from the desktop app.
    • Guests - confirm your default browser supports Flash and you have Flash enabled.

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January 9

Meeting room updates

Release 6.18

  • Hosts, co-hosts, and presenters can rename phone-only guests, displaying their name rather than their phone number. In the meeting sidebar, click a guest’s phone number and select Rename to enter the guest’s first name, last name, or full name.
  • For meetings launched using the desktop app, the meeting room window automatically closes after 3 minutes of inactivity once the meeting ends. If you submit feedback, the window will not close until 3 minutes after your feedback has been submitted.
  • Improved performance to response times when you start or end a recording.
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