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March 2020 updates

March 20

iOS updates

Release 6.19

  • File presentation improvements. When a presenter shares a file, it now loads and displays more quickly for mobile app viewers; page changes are displayed sooner than before when the presenter navigates back and forth within a shared document.
  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Sometimes when joining a meeting by selecting a contact in the search results, you were placed in the wrong meeting room.
  • Bug fix. Screen share. When switching to someone else's screen share, the previous person's name still displayed for a while.
  • Video sharing bug fixes to ensure that mobile app guests have the same viewing experience as desktop and browser participants.
  • Fixed reported app crashes.

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March 19

Desktop app updates

Release 6.22

  • Auto-upgrade. The installer window now remains in the background when the desktop automatically installs the latest version.

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March 18

Meeting Settings updates

Release 6.5

Audio Settings. Easily copy your access numbers and guest passcode to the clipboard for sharing.

  • Copy the entire list. On the main Audio Settings tab, click Copy all numbers to clipboard to copy the primary access number, the guest passcode, and all additional access numbers.
    View example »

    Audio Settings

  • Copy selected numbers. Next to Access Numbers click View and Manage to open the My Access Numbers screen. Click:
    • Copy one-click number to clipboard for just the primary access number and guest passcode.
    • Or in the list, select specific access numbers to create a customized list and then click Copy selected numbers to clipboard.
    View example »

    My Access Numbers

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March 17

Android updates

Release 6.19

  • Guests tab. Co-hosts are now labeled Co-Host instead of Delegate Host. This ensures that mobile app guests have the same viewing experience as desktop and browser participants.

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March 12

Android updates

Release 6.17

  • You can now see guests participating in the meeting using their video conferencing room system. The room system displays as VRC Connector in the list with its own icon.
  • The Guests tab now updates to show the name of phone-only guests after a host renames them.

    Note: Hosts using the mobile app cannot rename phone-only guests.

  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Sometimes signing in using your email address resulted in the app looping the login process.
  • Fixed reported app crash.

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March 5

Meeting room updates

Release 6.22

  • Bug fix. After a meeting ended, you sometimes received an error message prompting you to re-enter the meeting.
  • Bug fix. Chat. Brackets { } typed directly into the Chat panel were displayed as ASCII characters. (If part of a URL pasted into the Chat panel, brackets were handled correctly.)
  • Bug fix. Leave a meeting. Closing a meeting room launched from the desktop app didn't remove your name from the Guests panel.
  • Bug fix. Meeting panel. Resizing the meeting room resulted in white space displaying, not additional guest names.
  • Bug fix. Profile. Your profile displayed a generated ID if you were using VoIP instead of your saved phone number.
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