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April 2020 updates

April 29

Android updates 

Release 6.20

  • You can now copy meeting URLs from the Home tab, Meetings tab, or the search results to the clipboard by long pressing on the URL. "Meeting URL copied!" displays to let you know the URL is in your clipboard.
  • Bug fix. Guest and Chat tabs. Sometimes a participant didn't show in the Guest tab during the meeting. The missing participant shows as "null null null" for name and time with no avatar picture and a blank message when they attempt to send messages in the Chat tab.
  • Bug fix. Screen share. Viewing a shared screen in portrait mode showed on top of the Android smartphone's status bar.
  • Audio bug fixes for smoother connecting in the mobile app.
  • Fixed reported app crashes.

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April 15

Meeting room updates

Release 6.25

  • Webcam. The webcam layout now maximizes the space available on the meeting stage. We've removed the spacing between webcam streams and the padding around the outside of the stage, enlarging and adjusting webcam streams to fill available space.

  • Connect audio > Use my phone. Translated help is now available from the Help (?) button on the "Select a number to talk..." screen. 
  • Bug fix. Screen share > Share window. The click here link on the helper ("Are you sharing a PowerPoint or granting Remote Desktop Control?) did not open the tip.

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April 9

Desktop app updates

Release 6.23

  • Flash has been removed from the desktop app. Joining a Flash-based meeting room from the app will still launch the room in your default browser.

Business Phone updates

Available from the Calls tab in the desktop app.

  • Calling Unavailable message. If you moved between networks (for example, bringing your laptop home from the office), sometimes the app didn’t connect to the new network, so calling was not available.

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April 1

Meeting room updates

This release includes ongoing development work to prepare for G Suite integration to bring calendar awareness and streamlined recording options to your meeting room.

  • The meeting monitors your network connection and alerts you when it detects issues that could affect webcam and screen share. The notification includes this Help link with tips for addressing bad connections or low bandwidth.
  • Bug fix. Connect audio. The connecting audio indicator continued spinning even though VoIP failed to connect.
  • Bug fix. File presentation. Sometimes a file being presented showed as tiny for the presenter while it showed normally for viewers.
  • Bug fix. Guests panel. Joining a meeting late caused you to see renamed audio-only guests as phone numbers instead of names.
  • Bug fix. Sometimes the muted symbol appeared in the Meeting panel and your mic button was red indicating you were muted, but you were not muted to other guests and everyone could hear you.
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