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June 2020 updates

June 25

iOS updates

Release 6.22

  • Scheduling a meeting is now available. On the Meetings tab, tap More > Schedule a meeting to create a new event. Your meeting URL is set as the location and the connection details are included in the body of the invitation.
    • Set the name, date, and time for the meeting and add people to invite.
    • When ready, tap Add to add it to your calendar and send invitations to your guests. The invitation includes a calendar file attachment that your guests can open in most calendar apps.

      Note: The app can only use calendars belonging to accounts added to your device via Settings > Passwords & Accounts. It cannot use calendars from 3rd party calendar apps to create invitations.

  • Bug fix. Audio. If you switched to answering an incoming call during a meeting, when you came back, meeting audio didn't play over the output you used before. For example, if you were listening over speakerphone and took a call, meeting audio wasn't played over speakerphone when you returned.
  • Bug fix. Recorded meetings. When navigating to the recorded meetings list, an unexpected error appeared if no network was available or the network disconnected before the list loaded.
  • Bug fix. iPad. The meeting controls were missing after tapping when viewing a shared screen in fullscreen mode.
  • Bug fix. Screen share. If the host dismissed the person sharing their screen, screen sharing didn't stop immediately.

    Note: File sharing is different; shared files stay active even if the host dismisses the original sharer.

  • Fixed a reported app crash.

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June 24

Meeting room updates

Release 6.30

  • The new interactive whiteboard lets you collaborate in real time with everyone in the room. To open a whiteboard, on the meeting controls click the Share button, and then select Whiteboard. Anyone can open a whiteboard and contribute.
    • Jot down ideas, type or draw with a pen, add shapes, and add a background image.
    • Download a copy of the whiteboard as an image file to save and share.
    • In your meeting room, you can limit who can write on the whiteboard to only yourself and promoted guests. Everyone in the room will be able to see the whiteboard and follow along. Above the meeting stage, click the Security button and then toggle the Restrict sharing option to On.

      Note: This restricts all sharing - whiteboard, screen share, and file presentation. Everyone in the room can see what's being shared, but only the host and promoted guests can share.

    • Customer administrators can disable the whiteboard feature in their users' meeting rooms. Learn more »
  • Bug fix. Meeting controls. When webcam was on, if you pointed to the Webcam button the tooltip said, "Turn on my webcam."

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June 19

Meeting Settings updates

Release 6.7

  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese are now supported for audio-only account holders. Access Meeting Settings from the Outlook add-in, and then on the Preferences tab, choose your preferred language.
  • Styling improvements throughout Meeting Settings make text more readable and lists of options (for example, Preferences > Time Zone) easier to use.
  • Japanese. Audio Settings. Added translation for the Copy all numbers to clipboard option.

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June 11

Meeting room updates

Release 6.29

  • This release includes ongoing development work for the interactive whiteboard. Soon you'll be able to collaborate in real time with everyone in the room: jot down ideas, type or draw with a pen, add shapes, and add a background image. When you're ready, download an image of the whiteboard to save and share.
  • Bug fix. File presentation. The Present button and link disables after clicking to prevent showing the same content multiple times.

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June 3

iOS updates

Release 6.21

  • Connect audio. The connect audio screens now include better labeling, showing whose meeting you are joining and always displaying the host's name at the top.
  • Guests tab. Audio-only guests renamed by a host using the desktop or browser now display as names instead of phone numbers.
  • Bug fix. Guests tab. When a dial-in guest left the meeting room but stayed connected to audio, their name was dropped instead of remaining as an audio-only guest.
  • Bug fix. Connect audio. When a large number of guests joined a meeting, the audio selection screen took longer to load.
  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Sometimes signing in using your email address resulted in the app showing a blank white screen when using SSO.
  • Bug fix. If you dialed in to the meeting, the muted symbol was displayed next to your name, although your line was not muted.
  • Bug fix. iPad. Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard covered the Chat input and meeting controls.
  • Fixed reported app crash.

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June 2

Android updates

Release 6.21

  • Bug fix. When viewing shared content, the initials for the active talker were missing.
  • Bug fix. When viewing shared content in landscape or fullscreen mode, the sizing for the meeting controls was incorrect causing you to unintentionally mute when attempting to turn on speakerphone.
  • Bug fix. Join a meeting. Applies to guests who remain signed in to the app. Your recent meeting list was empty even if you viewed the list right after leaving a meeting.

    Note: The recent meeting list clears automatically when you sign out.

  • Fixed reported app crashes.
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