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July 2020 updates

July 30

iOS updates  

Release 6.25

  • Bug fix. If you started to join a meeting from the Meetings tab, but then cancelled before connecting audio (you clicked < Back or clicked X before the audio step fully loaded), the Home tab was displayed. Now you are correctly returned to the Meetings tab.
  • Bug fix. Join Meeting. Code cleanup to improve join times from the Home and Meetings tabs and from external URLs (clicked outside the app).

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July 23

Meeting room updates

Release 6.32

  • Waiting Room is now available! Have guests wait outside your meeting room until you (the host) or a promoted guest admits them. Audio-only guests who dial in to your meeting are admitted automatically.

    Waiting Room select guests to admit

    • You can enable the feature for all meetings that you host in your meeting room. Above the meeting stage, click the Security button and then toggle the Enable waiting room option to On.

      Note: Depending on your company's settings, the waiting room might be set to On already.

    • When the waiting room is on, a Waiting Room button appears above the meeting stage and shows how many people are waiting. Click to see who's waiting and admit them to the meeting or deny them access.
    • If the meeting room is not in front (for example, you're screen sharing), a Mac or Windows notification lets you know when people enter the waiting room. Click the notification to bring the meeting room forward where you can check the waiting room.
    • Guests are automatically dismissed from the waiting room after 15 minutes, or if you lock the meeting room or don't join your meeting within 10 minutes.
  • Connect Audio. Improved VoIP connection times get you into the meeting faster when using computer audio. 
  • Whiteboard. Background images are now limited to 1 MB. 
  • Recording. When you record a meeting, the meeting stage is maximized and the participant list and chat are no longer captured in the recording.

Android updates

Release 6.24

  • Whiteboard. On the Meeting tab, you can now view edits to the whiteboard in real time. If you'd like to add your own edits, join the meeting from your computer.


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July 22

Desktop app updates

Release 6.28

  • We recently relaunched our support site. The desktop app now contains updated links for release notes and for the Success Center in the help menu.
  • Mac. The installer window now remains in the background when the desktop automatically installs the latest version.

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July 13 and July 20

Waiting room support on mobile

Release 6.23 (Android) and Release 6.24 (iOS)

  • The waiting room feature will be available in the next release of GlobalMeet Collaboration. When waiting room is on, guests wait outside the meeting room until approved to join. The mobile apps will alert incoming guests and allow you to perform basic management of the waiting room.
    • When a guest joins your meeting, the app displays a notification to you and co-hosts. Tap the notification to turn off the waiting room.
    • Alternately, you or a co-host can turn off the waiting room to admit everyone. In the meeting controls, tap More and then tap Turn off waiting room

      Note: To turn on the waiting room or to admit and deny individual guests, host the meeting from your computer. On mobile, you can also promote a guest and let them manage the waiting room from their computer.

    • When guests join your meeting, they'll see a message telling them the waiting room is on. If a guest is denied, the meeting is locked, or if the meeting ended, new screens notify the guest and prompt them to contact the meeting host.    
  • In a future release, you'll be able to enable the waiting room and admit or deny guests from the mobile apps.

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July 9

Meeting room updates

Release 6.31

  • Webcam. The meeting room now supports up to 16 webcams on stage at one time. When someone is sharing, webcams are displayed as a filmstrip across the stage; click the arrows to scroll and see everyone's webcam streams. If you run into issues with webcams, let us know the details using the end of meeting feedback.
  • Whiteboard. We've made some usability improvements to the whiteboard:
    • Now you can add content directly inside a shape. Previously, you had to draw or add text outside the shape, and then drag the element over the shape.
    • Editing the whiteboard. Hosts and promoted guests can delete or move any element on the whiteboard. Other guests can only delete or move their own edits.
    • Pen. When you draw freehand and release the mouse button, the drawing element is no longer automatically selected. 

iOS updates

Release 6.23

  • We've updated VoIP audio so you can continue to have a great audio experience.
    • Improved the consistency of the meeting room automatically connecting you to your cellular network until the WiFi connection recovers.
    • If you answer an incoming call during a meeting, the meeting audio now plays over the output you used before when you return. For example, if you were listening over speakerphone and took a call, meeting audio returns to playing over speakerphone when you end the call.
  • Audio bug fixes to fix crashing and freezing in the mobile app.

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July 6

Android updates

Release 6.22

  • Scheduling a meeting is now available. On the Meetings tab, tap More > Schedule a meeting to create a new event. Your connection details are included in the body of the invitation and depending on your calendar app, your meeting URL is set as the location.
    • Set the name, date, and time for the meeting and add people to invite.
    • When ready, tap the save option to add it to your calendar and send invitations to your guests. The invitation includes a calendar file attachment that your guests can open in most calendar apps.

      Note: If you have more than one calendar app installed on your smartphone, you can choose the app to create your invitation. The Outlook calendar app is not supported.

  • Audio bug fixes for smoother connecting in the mobile app.
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