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August 2020 updates

August 28

Android updates

Release 6.25

  • Schedule a meeting. Meeting invitations now include a one-click number. The one-click number is formatted as a link in meeting invitations. Mobile users tap the link - which automatically dials the access number and enters the passcode to join the meeting.

    Note: Scheduling is compatible with most calendar apps. The Outlook calendar app is not supported. If you don't have another calendar app, the app asks you to install one.


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August 7

New! Connect your Google calendar

Google calendar integration (includes G Suite). Your meeting room and the desktop app now integrate with Google calendar, giving you additional functionality and suggestions to make your meetings more efficient. You can connect your Google calendar from the desktop app or your meeting room. They sync with each other, so you only have to connect one time.

Google calendar features for the meeting room and desktop app are explained below.

Meeting room updates

Release 6.33

  • Google calendar integration. Enter your meeting room and in the Meeting panel, click Connect calendar. Or in the meeting controls, click Settings and then click the Integrations tab. Click Connect and sign in to your Google account. Learn more »
    • The meeting room checks your calendar and if you have a meeting scheduled in your room (your meeting URL is the "location"), it shows the meeting subject and start and end time above your name.
    • Under Guests, click View all invitees to view a list of everyone invited or just the guests who are absent (invitees who aren’t in the room). Learn more »
    • Recordings. The meeting subject is automatically added as the recording name. When you stop recording, the meeting asks whether you want to send it to present guests, absent guests, or all guests. Learn more »
  • Whiteboard. Updated translations. When you try to upload an image larger than 1 MB, the alert message is now displayed in your selected language: English, French, German, Dutch, or Japanese.
  • Help menu. We recently relaunched our support site. The Help menu now contains updated links for downloads and visiting the support site.
  • Bug fix. Guests were appearing as muted even though they were unmuted.

Desktop app updates

Release 6.29

  • Google calendar integration. On the Home tab, click Connect calendar. Select Google and then click Connect and sign in to your Google account. Learn more »


  • The Home tab shows a summary of your day and highlights the next meeting on your schedule. On a meeting card, click Join to open the meeting room. Learn more »

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