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September 2020 updates

September 21

Desktop app updates

Release 6.31

  • Home tab. The calendar now displays correctly when the desktop app is resized.
  • Logging improvements.

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September 16

Meeting room updates

Release 6.35

  • Meeting controls. If your audio is not connected, the Speaker button now displays. Click the Speaker button to connect your audio. Once your audio is connected, the Speaker button changes to the Mic button so that you can mute and unmute your line.
  • The system test page now contains updated links for the Success Center.
  • Bug fix. Sometimes remote desktop control did not start correctly and the selected guest was not granted control. To grant control of your desktop, you must be participating via the desktop app, not a browser. Learn more »
  • Bug fix. If you joined a meeting after other guests had muted their lines, you did not see the mute indicators.
  • Bug fix. VoIP. If you disconnected from VoIP, then re-connected and selected a different speaker (output device), the meeting audio played through the speaker you originally used.
  • Bug fix. Waiting Room. When you clicked the Waiting Room button to admit and deny guests, the notification telling you there are guests in the waiting room remained on the screen.
  • Bug fix. Webcam. On the meeting stage, webcams appeared zoomed in and cropped. Now webcams show the entire stream, as seen in the preview.

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September 4

iOS updates

Release 6.26

  • Whiteboard. On the Meeting tab, you can now view edits to the whiteboard in real time. If you'd like to add your own edits, join the meeting from your computer.
  • Schedule a meeting. Meeting invitations now include a one-click number. The one-click number is formatted as a link in meeting invitations. Mobile users tap the link - which automatically dials the access number and enters the passcode to join the meeting.

    Note: The app uses the calendars available in the iOS Calendar app to schedule meetings. You can make your Google or Outlook calendar visible in the iOS Calendar app and use it to schedule meetings. Learn more »

  • Bug fix. If you were on a phone call and then opened the app to join a meeting, you couldn't connect your audio using VoIP.
  • Bug fix. If you are viewing screen share and switch to the Guests or Chat tab, when you return to the Meeting tab, the screen is black.
  • Bug fix. The network connection error message stayed on screen when the app reconnected.

Desktop app updates

Release 6.30

  • Logging improvements 

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