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October 2020 updates

October 19

Android updates

Release 6.26

  • A new menu on the Guests tab brings meeting security features into one easy-to-find location. Tap the Security button to lock or unlock your room, enable and manage the waiting room, and manage who can share in the meeting.


    When any option is set to On, the Security button is green.

  • Android-MeetingSecurity-WaitingRoomOn_cropped-350.pngWaiting room. You can now manage the waiting room from the Android app. (Previously, you could only turn it off and admit all waiting guests.) On the Guests tab, tap the Security button and then set the Enable waiting room option to On.

    When guests enter the waiting room:

    • On the Guests tab, next to the Security button, a message displays letting you know how many people are waiting.
    • A notification displays above the meeting controls and prompts you to manage the waiting room. Tap the notification or tap the Security button to see who's waiting, and admit them to the meeting or deny them access.

      Note: Depending on your company's settings, the waiting room might be set to On already.

  • Lock your room. Tap the Security button and set the Lock room option to On to lock the meeting and prevent additional people from joining.

    On the Guests tab, next to the Security button, a "meeting locked" message displays.

    Note: The Lock meeting option is no longer available from the More button.

  • Restrict sharing. Tap the Security button and set the Restrict sharing option to On to limit screen sharing, file sharing, and whiteboard sharing to the host and promoted guests.
  • Bug fix. If you lost your connection to a network and then re-established it, the network error message was still displaying.
  • Bug fix. Guests and Chat tabs. When someone is presenting a file, the message that displays is now consistent with other messages about sharing.

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October 15

Meeting room updates

Release 6.37

  • Dial Out. When you have the meeting call you, the meeting now displays error messages if you don't press 1 to join the meeting, don't answer the phone, decline the call, or if the number you enter is invalid.
  • Remote Desktop Control. Updated translations. When you point to the Pointer or Hand button, the label is now displayed in your selected language: English, French, German, Dutch, or Japanese.
  • Bug fix. Screen share. If you clicked Start before the screen preview thumbnail displayed, screen share did not start.
  • Bug fix. Webcam. If you hid the filmstrip and then unhid it, the arrows did not immediately display.
  • Bug fix. If you disconnected from VoIP, then dialed out to your phone, an "audio already connected" message displayed.
  • Bug fix. French. If you joined a meeting with Internet Explorer and opened the Help menu, the live chat option did not display correctly.

iOS updates

Release 6.27

  • Bug fix. File presentation. When a guest was sharing content and was then dismissed by a host or co-host, their shared content was still displayed in the meeting.

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October 6

Desktop app updates

Release 6.32

  • Settings. New ability to manage hardware acceleration.
    • By default, Hardware Acceleration is automatically set to On to improve stability and responsiveness.
    • If you are experiencing audio or video issues, turn off Hardware Acceleration. Click Settings, scroll to the Advanced section, and set the Hardware Acceleration option to Off. You must restart the app to apply these changes.
  • Bug fix. Home tab. You can now join a meeting from a meeting card whether the invitation contains the “friendly” URL ( or the longer URL shown seen in the browser address bar ( Previously, clicking the longer format displayed a meeting error.
  • Bug fix. The Help menu in the French, Dutch, and German versions of the desktop app was too wide.

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October 1

Meeting room updates

Release 6.36

  • Remote Desktop Control. We've made some usability improvements to Remote Desktop Control:
    • Guests who were granted control can now drag windows on the granter's shared desktop.
    • If you've been granted control, click the Pointer button to control the shared desktop or click the Hand button to move the shared screen around in your view.


  • Bug fix. The host's audio status indicator was not aligned with the Mute All button.
  • Bug fix. If you did not enter the guest's name before dialing out to them, a duplicate guest appeared when they connected to the meeting.
  • Bug fix. If you dialed out to a guest and they did not join the meeting, their guest row still appeared in the meeting sidebar.
  • Bug fix. If you pasted a meeting URL in a browser with iPad 6th gen (iOS 12.4.1), iPhone 8 plus (iOS 12.4.1), or iPad Air (iOS 13.5.1), an unsupported device error message displayed.

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