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December 2020 updates

December 18

Android updates

Release 6.32

  • Bug fix. Agenda. Tapping the meeting link from an invitation link did not always take you to join the meeting. 
  • Bug fix. When viewing webcams in full-screen mode, if you disconnected your VoIP audio connection, the "audio not connected" message covered the Mute and Camera meeting controls. Now the message displays for 2 seconds and then disappears. 
  • Bug fix. If you're in the waiting room and your network connection fails, and the host admits you while you don't have a network connection, when your Android phone reconnects you cannot join the meeting. You are returned to the Join Meeting screen where the network error remains in front of the screen.
  • Bug fix. When viewing shared content in full-screen mode, the meeting controls were hidden. This meant that you couldn’t tap Exit to leave the full-screen mode.
  • Bug fix. On the meeting controls, if you tapped the Exit button and used the Android Back button instead of the Cancel menu option to close the end meeting menu, the Exit button was disabled, and you couldn’t leave or end the meeting.
  • Bug fix. On smaller Android phones (Samsung A20e and Android v10, for example) URLs were not resized to the correct screen proportions. This could cut off the letters in a URL making it unusable. This resizing could also make it difficult to tap a link successfully to join a meeting.
  • Bug fix. As a host or co-host, if you entered a meeting that was being recorded and tapped the More button, the recording option was Start Recording instead of Stop Recording.
  • Bug fix. If you changed the display font on your device after joining or starting a meeting, you could not see the Security icon, when you re-entered the meeting. 
  • Bug fix. German, Japanese, French, and Dutch translation fixes. Corrected translations for webcam sharing messages. 

Desktop app updates

Release 7.0

  • Home tab. When you don't have any meetings on your Google or Outlook calendar, the day's agenda now displays only the "No Meetings" message. Previously it showed "No Meetings" with a blank agenda and "hours open" block. 
  • Bug fix. Recorded meetings. When you pointed to a recording name, the cursor didn’t change to a pointer to show it was a link.
  • Bug fix. Settings. On the General tab, the Hardware Acceleration and Reset App options weren't immediately visible for guest users (people who use the desktop app, but don’t have meeting accounts). Now when a guest clicks the General tab, the Hardware Acceleration and Reset App options are visible without scrolling. 

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December 9

Meeting room updates

Release 6.39

  • Bug fix. Sometimes, everyone's audio status changed to not connected even though their audio was still connected.
  • Bug fix. File presentation. When you tried uploading a file to the file library, the file would not finish processing. You had to leave the meeting and rejoin to present the file.
  • Bug fix. File presentation. When you uploaded a file to the file library and then closed the loading window, the file upload status notification covered the meeting controls and made them unusable.
  • Bug fix. Remote desktop control. If you were granted remote desktop control, you couldn't click on the bottom area of the granter’s shared screen.

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December 4

Desktop app updates

Release 6.33

  • You can now clear all data from the desktop app and restart it by clicking Reset. Click Settings, and make sure the General tab is selected. Scroll to the Advanced section, and click Reset.


  • Bug fix. Japanese. On the Meetings tab in the recent meetings list, the names of account holders displayed as "Undefined Undefined".

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December 2

Android and iOS updates

Release 6.30

  • Bug fix. Outlook calendar. When you connected your calendar, sometimes your scheduled meetings did not display on the Home or Meetings tabs.
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