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Managed Events updates

October 15

Managed Events updates

Use the Events Portal to book operator assisted conferences and managed webcasts and update existing reservations.

Managed Webcasts updates

  • You can request a test call - or dry run - when booking a managed webcast or operator assisted conference. On the Submit page, under Additional Requests and Features, select Please click here if you would like an agent to contact you to schedule a test call or dry run (additional charges do apply).
  • You can now request A/V services for a secondary venue. Previously, you could only request A/V services for a single venue.
  • We've added translations to the A/V Field Services section of the Booking Request form in French, French Canadian, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Operator Assisted updates

  • If your conference has access numbers in multiple languages, the event confirmation email and the Click To Join page now display the language next to the access number.

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September 17

Events Portal updates

This release focuses on additional options for booking Managed Webcasts in the Events Portal.

Managed Webcasts updates

  • We've added new webcast features to the Booking Request form. Under Included Features, select:
    • Content Uploads to have an Event Production Manager upload content to the event for you. You can include slides, headshots (audio-only broadcast), overlay videos, and downloadable resources. You must send the content to the Event Production Manager at least 1 business day before the event.
    • Event Security to make your event more secure with password protection, pre-authorized sites, and by approving and blocking email addresses, domains, and IP addresses.
  • You can now request an audio-only or video emcee for your webcast and provide custom scripts. On the Booking Request form, under AV Services, select Webcast Emcee and then select Emcee will participate on camera or Emcee will participate via voice only. Enter a custom opening, Q&A, and closing script, or click + Default Script to use the default script.

    Important: Emcee is only available for video bridge broadcasts.

  • When booking, you can now schedule a 60-minute training session for your presenters to review the Live Studio controls and know what to expect on the day of the event. On the Booking Request form, under AV Services, select Presenter Training and select a date, start time, and time zone.
  • When you select Broadcast Producer, Dry Run is automatically selected and you must select a date, start time, and time zone for the dry run.
  • We've added scheduling fields to the Technical Logistics Call option. You can now select the date, start time, time zone, and duration of the call. 
  • We've updated some field names and helper text. The changes have also been translated to Canadian French, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese. We've renamed:
    • Follow-Up Email(s) to Follow-Up Emails
    • Viewer Layout Switching to Live Player Layout Switching
    • Pre-Recorded Video Overlay to Pre-Recorded Videos
    • Portal (Create New or Add to Existing) to Attendee Portal (new portal or add event to existing) and Portal ID (If Existing) to Portal ID
    • The Additional Services section to A/V Field Services. We've also removed the "AV Services - " prefix from Broadcast Producer and Camera Package options.
    • AV Services - On-site Crew to On-Site Technician
    • Technical Logistics Call (Recommended) – Broadcast Desk facilitated call... to Technical Logistics Call (Recommended)

Add a webcast to an upcoming Op Assist conference

  • You can add a webcast to a previously-scheduled Operator Assisted conference. Just edit the Op Assist conference in the Events Portal.
    • On the Events Portal, in Upcoming Events, find your event, click the Conference ID, and click Edit Event.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the Edit page, click + Add Webcast, and book your webcast. When finished, click Save.

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August 20

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • Resellers and Enterprise users. If your user account (client ID) is set up as part of an organization (enterprise), you can book events on behalf of any other account holder within that organization or associated companies. In the Events Portal, you can now:
    • Search for events by enterprise ID on the Upcoming and Completed Events pages
    • View all upcoming and completed events for companies within an enterprise
    • View all completed events by enterprise

      Note: To have this configuration turned on for your account, contact Support.

  • We've added additional translations to the Booking Request form and confirmation emails: French, French Canadian, Italian, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Bug fix. In German confirmation emails, the event date and time did not display correctly.

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July 16

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • You can now schedule a flat rate Operator Assisted conference with no hidden fees. Flat rate conferences include:
    • Click to Join or Passcode Entry
    • Up to 60 minutes of conference time
    • Up to 15,000 participants
    • A base set of event features based on your event entry type 

    Pricing depends on the event type and event capacity you request. For more information about flat rate conferences, see the flat rate Operator Assisted feature summary. To book a flat rate conference, see Book a flat rate Operator Assisted conference call.

  • When you book a Managed Webcast event and select AV Services - Broadcast Producer > Remote Support, now the Technical Logistics Call option is automatically selected. Enter the contact information of the person we should contact to coordinate support for the event.

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June 18

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • Bug fix. Upcoming Events. When you previewed the confirmation email for an event, the Send To option was selected and the Additional Email Recipients box wasn't cleared.
  • Bug fix. If you scheduled an operator assisted conference with webinar and then cancelled the webinar portion of the event, the subject of the cancellation confirmation email now displays as Cancelled.

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June 15

Simplified event confirmation emails are coming this week

We've updated the look and feel of the event confirmation email to make it easier to read.

  • The Conference Details section has been renamed to Event Details.
  • The Presenter Information and Participant Access Information sections have been simplified to make the information easier to copy and paste into event invitations.
  • If you scheduled an event with Click To Join, the Click To Join link has been renamed from Click Here to Connect to Connect Me.
  • We've made our steps for a successful event clearer and they now display in their own section in the email.
  • We've added a new We're Here to Help section to the end of the email that includes a direct link to our Contact Us page where you can request Support and a link to the Events Portal where you can make changes to your reservation.
  • We've translated the confirmation email changes to French, French (Canada), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.
View example »


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May 18

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • When you join a Click to Join event, you are now prompted to allow cookies. Click to Join uses non-essential cookies to remember the details you enter (like your name and phone number), so that you don’t have to enter them again the next time you join an Operator Assisted conference. This is optional. Click:
    • Allow Cookies to save your information
    • Do Not Use Cookies if you don't want your information saved. The notification will be displayed each time you attend a Click to Join event.

    Click to Join remembers your selection. To opt out later, at the bottom of the page, click Configure and then click Do Not Use Cookies.


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April 16

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

We've added additional translations to the Booking Request form for fields and helper text on the Event and the Submit page.

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March 19

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • We've made visual improvements to the Submit page of the Booking Request.
  • When you book an Operator Assisted conference and select an event language other than English, other related language options are set correctly:
    • On the Event page, the Assign a language-speaking Operator option is automatically selected.


    • On the Audio Event Details page, the Language Support and Running the Call features are also automatically selected. The What Language? field defaults to the language you selected on the Event page.

    Note: To edit or clear these options, go back to the Event page and select English as the event language.

  • Bug fix. The calendar reminder file for participants (available from the upcoming event on the Events Portal) contained the moderator passcode.

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February 26

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • Confirmation and event reminder emails. When booking an Operator Assisted conference, you can now opt to receive an event reminder 24 hours before the event and send booking confirmations and event reminders to additional recipients. On the Submit page, in the Confirmation & Reminder Emails section:
    • Select whether you want to receive event reminders.
    • Select which event contacts you want to send confirmation and reminders emails to (moderator, scheduler).
    • Enter email addresses of additional people to receive these emails.

      Note: Confirmations and reminders include dial-in details for speakers. Do not enter participant email addresses.

  • You can now decide which dial-in numbers speakers and participants can use when booking an Operator Assisted conference in the Events Portal. On the Audio Event Details page, in the Phone Numbers By Location section, select whether you want to restrict toll-free numbers, local numbers, or national numbers.
  • Bug fix. When you copied an event, a "details for this event are not yet available" message displayed and you were not able to schedule it.
  • Bug fix. Selecting speaker locations is now optional when booking Passcode Entry conferences in the Events Portal. Previously, when you tried to book a Passcode Entry conference, you had to select more than one speaker location in the Phone Numbers by Location section.

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January 15, 2021

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • You can now request a longer post-conference in the Events Portal when booking an Operator Assisted event. To add more time, select Post-Conference, and then enter how much time you would like, in minutes.

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December 17, 2020

Sales of CDs for recordings are being discontinued

Beginning December 31, 2020, we will no longer offer conference recordings on CD. The Audio CD option will be removed from the Events Portal. 

  • If you'd like a digital copy of a conference recording, request a downloadable audio file when you book the event. Learn more »
  • Existing orders for CDs will still be fulfilled.

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November 13, 2020

Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

  • Post-event content can no longer be downloaded from the Events Portal after the retention date. By default, post-event content is deleted 90 days after the event. You receive a notification in the Events Portal seven days before your file is scheduled to be deleted.
  • In the Events Portal, on the Upcoming Events and the Completed Events page, you can now select a time in the To and From fields when searching for an event.
  • If you are having trouble signing in to the Events Portal for the first time, you can now access support phone numbers from the Events Portal login page. Click Signing in for the first time and then click here to view the support phone numbers and email address.
  • Bug fix. If you tried resetting your password with an email that is associated with more than one client ID, the reset password email was not sent.
  • Bug fix. When you tried to edit or copy an event with transcription in the Events Portal, the only available turnaround time was 72 hours.
  • Bug fix. If you book a call for a past date, a "Date cannot occur in the past" error now displays. Previously, a "Warning: No message define for start" error displayed.

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September 19, 2020

Enhanced security for Operator Assisted post-event content

We are making your post-event content more secure!

  • For added security, we will no longer provide direct links to post-event content in the post-event email. Instead, the email has a link that takes you to the Events Portal. Sign in to the Events Portal to download post-event content, such as recordings, participant lists, reports, and transcriptions. Learn more »

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August 12, 2020

Click to Join is now available for Greeted Entry conferences

  • With Click to Join, our system dials out to your participants and connects them instantly, with no hold times. Participants click the link, enter the required fields of information, and then click Call Me.
    • Available when booking an event. The Click to Join link and other details are included in the Participant Access Information section of your confirmation email.
    • When sending your conference invitations, include your Click to Join link and the Confirmation Code or Participant Passcode. Learn more »

      Note: As a best practice, provide participants with the dial-in numbers in case they cannot use Click to Join.

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June 19, 2020

Operator Assisted conference updates

  • Download conference invitations and add them to your calendar or send invitations to others. After booking your conference, you can download a calendar file that includes all of your conference invitation information. Calendar files are compatible with most calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. In the Events Portal in the Upcoming Events section, select the conference ID and then select Download Calendar Reminder. Choose from two invitation options: Moderator or Participant invitations.
    • Moderator invitations include the time of the pre-conference, the dial-in numbers, and passcodes for speakers.
    • Participant invitations include the dial-in numbers and passcodes for participants.
    • After downloading the calendar file, open the file to create a new event in your calendar application, or attach the file in an email and send it to the speakers or participants.


  • WMA is no longer an available recording file format. You can select WAV, MP3, or High Quality MP3 format when booking.
  • The Participant List > PIN feature prompts participants to enter a PIN before joining the conference and records the PIN in the Participant List Report. When booking a passcode entry conference in the Events Portal, there are now two PIN options: PIN Capture and PIN Validate.


    • PIN Capture - All PINs are valid. Participants can enter any PIN. The PIN is informational only.
    • PIN Validate - When joining the conference, participants must enter the PIN you assigned to them. After booking your conference, upload a list of participants and their assigned PINs in the Events Portal. With PIN Validate, participants have three attempts to enter the correct PIN before being redirected to an operator.
    • Choose what you’d like the operator to do when a participant reaches an operator: verify the participant with your Communications Line, turn the participant away, or allow the participant to join if they can provide conference-specific information. If you choose to turn the participant away, you can enter a contact for the Operator to refer them to.

Conference Controls updates

  • In the Conference Participants panel, an "active talker" indicator shows which lines are speaking, in real time.

  • The new backend design reduces lag time and latency.
  • The login page has been redesigned and moved to a new URL:
    • The previous login URL ( automatically redirects to the new URL. If you experience any issues with the redirect, please notify your operator immediately in the pre-conference.
    • If you booked a conference with Conference Controls before June 19, your confirmation email contains the previous URL. 

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October 28, 2019

Announcing the new GlobalMeet Events Portal.

  • Book an Operator Assisted audio conferences and receive the conference details instantly
  • View the schedule of upcoming conferences and make changes on the fly
  • Request Operator Assisted audio and live event production support for your GlobalMeet Webinar events
  • Upload content (PIN or verification lists) for your conference
  • Receive an alert when post-event reports, recordings, and more are available for download
  • Connect with support via email or live chat, access our support site, or provide immediate feedback

Sign in to the Events Portal to get started.

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