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Operator Assisted and Events Portal updates

June 19 (coming soon)

Conference Controls updates

On June 19, we're releasing a new version of the Conference Controls. Highlights:

  • In the Conference Participants panel, an "active talker" indicator will show which lines are speaking, in real time.

  • A new backend design that better utilizes system resources, reducing lag time and latency.
  • A redesigned login page with a new URL:

Notes about the new login URL

  • When launched, the previous login URL ( will automatically redirect to the new URL. If you experience any issues with the redirect, please notify your operator immediately in the pre-conference.
  • Beginning June 19, the new URL will be included in confirmation emails when you book a conference with Conference Controls. If you booked before June 19, your confirmation email contains the previous URL. That link should redirect correctly, but again, if you have any issues please notify your operator.
  • If your organization requires website whitelisting, please whitelist the new URL before June 19 to ensure a flawless redirect.

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October 28, 2019

Announcing the new GlobalMeet Events Portal.

  • Book an Operator Assisted audio conferences and receive the conference details instantly
  • View the schedule of upcoming conferences and make changes on the fly
  • Request Operator Assisted audio and live event production support for your GlobalMeet Webinar events
  • Upload content (PIN or verification lists) for your conference
  • Receive an alert when post-event reports, recordings, and more are available for download
  • Connect with support via email or live chat, access our support site, or provide immediate feedback

Sign in to the Events Portal to get started.

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