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Meeting Room or Webcast?

If you have a large public event that you would like to host online, we offer remote, interactive conferencing options such as our self-serve GlobalMeet Collaboration Meeting Room, and our operator-assisted Webcast service. 

Note:If you require an event with over 10,000 participants, we recommend booking a passcode-entry operator-assisted conference. Due to the high volume of conferences we are currently experiencing, conferences with over 10,000 participants must be booked in advance and are subject to approval.

Meeting Room 

Your Meeting Room allows you to host audio and web meetings yourself, and supports up to 125 web and 300 audio participants. Connect to the meeting with VOIP, dial-in to the meeting, or have the meeting call you.

Features include:

  • Invite participants from the meeting room
  • Lock your meeting to prevent anyone else from joining
  • Assign up to 5 co-hosts
  • Record your meeting and share as an MP4
  • Share your screen
  • Share files
  • Share up to 6 webcams at once.
  • Interactive chat
  • Mute individual participants, all participants, or yourself
  • Dismiss participants, and dismiss participants when you exit the meeting
  • *0 live support – press *0 on your telephone keypad and an operator will be right with you


Our webcast platform provides increased capacity for up to 10,000 participants, live operator support, and enhanced security features for a smooth, professional event. Have your attendees connect with a link, or dial in. 

Webcast Types:

  • Live webcast - broadcast your event live at a specific date and time
  • Simulated Live webcast – broadcast pre-recorded or existing content at a specific date and time
  • On-Demand webcast– publish preexisting content to make it always available to your participants

Features include:

  • A pre-conference to have an operator assist with set-up, and review details for live webcasts
  • Collect participant information and generate reports by having your participants register as they join
  • Limit access to your webcast by participant IP address, email, and/or domain. You can also include a list of authorized and blocked participants
  • Record your meeting and share as an MP4
  • Upload and share slides, videos and other media
  • Share your screen
  • Interactive surveys for live and simulated live webcasts
  • Include your company branding and customize your webcast layout
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