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iMeet is being retired March 29, 2019. All iMeet accounts are moving to GlobalMeet, our newest technology. Learn more.

GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

Meeting Support

How do I edit my profile and manage my cube?

Everyone gets their own cube. Want to get a closer look at someone? Tap their cube to enlarge and Spotlight that person. Swipe across the cube to rotate it – look at profile information, social media connections, and meeting controls.

Your cube

Tap your own cube to control your meeting experience. Ask a question, or step out for a minute. You can also edit your profile, upload photos of yourself, and link to your social media networks and cloud apps including Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Upload a Photo

To upload a photo tap your cube, then click Edit. Here you can store up to 4 photos.

Next click the Upload a Photo button. Your photo options to upload will be presented to you.

Navigate to the photo you want and click Use.

You will now see your cube photo updated.

Click Done and you are back in your room with your updated cube photo.

Add a Phone Number

You also may want to store a phone number or two for iMeet to remember and call you at when you wish. To store add a number to your stored numbers, click on your cube then click Edit, once the box pops up click on the Details tab.

Next click the + sign next to your Primary Phone field.

Type in the number you wish to store and give it a label as well. Are you storing your Office number? Or maybe you want to store your Mobile or Home number. Select the label you want and click Add.

You will now see your new number stored.

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