To share your Meeting Minutes and video recordings from your iMeet file cabinet, enter your iMeet room and do the following:

  1. Click the SHARE tab at the bottom of your screen, then click PRESENT A FILE to access your iMEET FILES.
  2. Click the MEETING MINUTES tab to view your list of Meeting Minutes. The meetings in which you initiated a video recording will be shown alongside a “film” icon.
  3. Select the desired Meeting Minutes and click SHARE.
  4. In the SHARE MEETING MINUTES window, select Public or Private access.
  5. If you select Public, you can choose EMAIL LINK to open your email client and send an email containing the link. Or, you can COPY LINK to paste the link to your recording in an email.
  6. If you select Private, click the + symbol to add the email addresses for your intended recipients. Be sure to check the Notify by email box, then click Done.