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How do I setup my iMeet room?

Let's first start with setting your background. To setup the background of your choice, simply click the Settings button then swipe through the backgrounds until you find the one you would like to assign to your room. Once you find it and it's front and center, click Done.


You can also setup your iMeet room to allow International Dialing.

To set this up, you would again hit the Settings button from within your iMeet room. Then click on the Dialing Options tab as shown below. Tap the slider next to Enable International Dialing.

You will then receive a pop-up asking you to agree to the terms and conditions. Check the box and click Continue.

You have now turned International Dialing on in your iMeet room.

NOTE: By default, Music On Hold will be turned on. If you don't want your guests to hear music prior to you joining the room click the slider to No.

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