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iMeet is being retired March 29, 2019. All iMeet accounts are moving to GlobalMeet, our newest technology. Learn more.

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Meeting Support

3. How do I schedule a Meeting?

Via Outlook Toolbar

Once the Outlook toolbar has been installed, you can schedule or start your iMeet meetings.

To schedule a future meeting:

  • Click Schedule Meeting > Meet Later.   
  • Fill out the fields for your participant names / Subject / Date and Time and click SEND.

Via iMeet Desktop

For Mac or non-Outlook hosts, scheduling can be done by copying and pasting your iMeet room link into a calendar invite and sending to your guests.

To find your invite information:

  • Login to your iMeet room.
  • Click INVITE on the menu bar > Select SEND INVITE from the options list > click VIEW to see your iMeet meeting information.
  • You have three options in which to invite guests:
    • Send the invite to yourself before sending to your guests. This is a great option if you would like to make edits before sending.
    • Choose Copy to clipboard and paste the meeting message into your meeting invite.
    • Or insert your iMeet URL in your calendar invitation and send.

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