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iMeet is being retired March 29, 2019. All iMeet accounts are moving to GlobalMeet, our newest technology. Learn more.

GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

Meeting Support

5. How do I personalize my cube?

As a first step to get started with iMeet, you’ll want to:                                         

  • Add your Job Title, Company Name and primary phone number.
  • Add a photo.
  • Enter your Bio with some professional or personal background.


    Hover over your cube and click the  Edit Profile.

  • Click the Details tab and populate your Job Title, Company, and Add a Phone number.
  • Click the Photo tab to upload up to four photos, take a photo or to use an avatar within your cube.
  • Click the Bio tab to provide some interesting or unique information about yourself.
  • Click Done and then x out of your cube.

Change your photo often or for a particular meeting if you want to convey relevance, a conversation starter or a professional picture.  For team meetings, make it fun by selecting a “topic” that each person needs to upload a photo that relates to the topic such as : Seasonal photo, a childhood photo or your favorite destination spot.


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