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As of July 1, 2017, iMeet® no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 and 10. To learn more, click here.

GlobalMeet 4.0 is here. Check out release notes, register for a learning session or watch a video highlighting new GlobalMeet features.

Meeting Support

How do I change my iMeet room settings?

You can change many different aspects of your iMeet room. To open your Settings panel, click on the Settings icon on the Menu in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.

Then click the SETTINGS gear icon to adjust your iMeet settings.

When you open your settings you have four tabs:

How do I change my iMeet room URL?: Change your iMeet room URL address and how people access your room.

Room Name and Theme: Change your iMeet room background and name

SMS MessagingSet up alerts when people enter your iMeet room

How do I use the Dialing Options screen?Turn on International dialing, manage music on hold and tell iMeet what number to display when it calls out to a guest. That way your guests can know the call is coming from you.

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