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In an upcoming release, iMeet® will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. To learn more, click here.

Attention iMeet Android App Users! You MUST update to the latest version in the Google Play store in order to join a meeting. Click to learn more.

Meeting Support

How do I find more out about my Guest?

Everyone in the meeting gets their own cube. To learn more about a guest or your host, tap a cube to bring it forward. Swipe across the cube to rotate it - look at profile information, the person’s bio, and social media connections.

To learn more about a guest, just tap and swipe their cube to view their bio and connect social networks and business apps. As a host, you can also mute his mic or dismiss him from the meeting.

Spotlight a Cube
Click to enlarge someone’s cube, then swipe across to read their profile, have a side-chat and connect social networks.

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