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iMeet Sales Accelerator is now iMeet Narrate.

Learn how to get your GlobalMeet password. | Register for Cisco WebEx Training.

Meeting Support

iMeet Web Training

iMeet Training | Coffee Break Webinars



iMeet Training

iMeet® is a personalized meeting room that allows you to host either 15, 35 or 125 guests.



  • Get Acquainted with iMeet
  • Learn about the 4 S’ (Scheduling / Starting / Sharing / Support)
  • Avoid the most common stumbling blocks
  • Ask the Expert Q&A, Best Practices, and much more

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Self-Paced Tutorials

iMeet Training Simulator


Coffee Break Webinars

Want to learn about best practices that will help you host better meetings, create great presentations or have great meetings while travelling? Attend a fast and informative coffee break webinar for more information.

Hosting a Better Virtual Meeting
5 ways to host an effective meeting virtually

5 Steps to Great Meeting Visuals
Create visuals to keep your audience interested

Power Point Slides that Get Results
No more boring presentations, learn how to engage


Road Warrior Tips and Tricks
Tips for Productivity for the Mobile User

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