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iMeet is being retired March 29, 2019. All iMeet accounts are moving to GlobalMeet, our newest technology. Learn more.

GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

Meeting Support

iMeet Web Training

iMeet® is a personalized meeting room that allows you to host either 15, 35 or 125 guests. Our learning resources are insightful and interactive, with tips on how to get the most out of your online meetings.

 Session Description Available Learning Options

On-Demand Training for New Users (46 mins)

Everything you need to know about iMeet to get started as a new user

  • Welcome Email and Account
  • Installing the iMeet Tools
  • Schedule/Start a Meeting
  • Overview of the iMeet room controls
  • Screen share/File share


Launch On-Demand Training

Self-Paced Training Resources
  • Review only the topics and features you're interested in
  • Great for those with some familiarity with iMeet already

Self-Paced Tutorial

iMeet Training Simulator

Coffee Break Webinars

Best practice fast and informative webinars

Hosting a Better Virtual Meeting
5 ways to host an effective meeting virtually

Road Warrior Tips and Tricks
Tips for Productivity for the Mobile User

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